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Access All Areas Vol. 8
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Mod for Rockers was the first project in a long and fruitful relationship between Runrig and Scottish Television. It was filmed in the Albert Halls, Stirling and was first shown on Scottish Television in 1987. Complete with mullets and dry ice a-plenty, it captures the band at a very significant point in their career; just before making the breakthrough to a major recording contract and life on a bigger stage. It was also the first project with director Graham Strong. This relationship continued to produce the later, more ambitious documentaries, City of Lights and Air an Oir.

Tracks on this DVD include:

01: This Darkest Winter
02: O Cho Meallt
03: Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh
04: Alba
05: Protect and Survive
06: Cnoc Na Feille
07: Dance Called America
08: Skye
09: Tir an Airm
10: Chi Miín Geamhradh
11: Loch Lomond
PAL format and will not play on North American NTSC players


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Access All Areas Vol. 8


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