The Cutter & the Clan // Once In A Lifetime [2024 Extended Edition] 2CD


**Pre-order for release on 26 July 2024**

Re-released and remastered for 2024.

The Cutter & The Clan Newly mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works, from the original pre-production ½” master and overseen by Malcolm Jones.

The Cutter & The Clan [Expanded Edition]: 2CD Gatefold digi-sleeve with 2024 remasters of The Cutter & The Clan and Once In A Lifetime live album. 


Disc One – The Cutter & The Clan

  1. Alba
  2. The Cutter
  3. Hearts Of Olden Glory
  4. Pride Of The Summer
  5. Worker For The Wind
  6. Rocket To The Moon
  7. The Only Rose
  8. Protect And Survive
  9. Our Earth Was Once Green
  10.  An Ubhal As Airde

Disc Two: Once In A Lifetime (Live)

  1. Dance Called America (Live)
  2. Protect And Survive (Live)
  3. Chi Mi’n Geamhradh (Live)
  4. Rocket To The Moon (Live)
  5. Going Home (Live)
  6. Cnoc Na Feille (Live)
  7. Nightfall On Marsco / ‘S Tu Mo Leannan (Live)
  8. Skye (Live)
  9. Loch Lamond (Live)
  10. Hearts Of Olden Glory (Live)